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KDE just released new Slimbooks with Ryzen CPUs!

This is one sexy machine, I would actually consider getting... 😍


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Oh if you're so good at debugging then how many crickets have you eaten recently? Termites? Beetles? That's what I thought.

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"There's always people who are twisting that, making it political, making it a two-sided thing. I don't understand how being anti-racist can possibly be controversial in any way... and if it is for you, then you should probably leave."

-- Marques Brownlee


What kind of social platform should fursona.net be?.. I was thinking it would be neat to give everyone @fursona.net addresses.. but would they even be useful?

Then I thought maybe we could have a forum.. but what kind of community should it be. I kind of want something more live.. like discord, but with more vanity ilke gaia online

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OK, friends. Our department gave us some homemade masks to wear while not on emergencies. They aren't the best. I just got a kind of approval to wear our own personal ones, but to a degree. Can anyone make 4 black with a thin red line masks for me and my crew?

I'm going to start using this as my hacking/dev platform instead of main twitter.. I think it's healthier

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If you could end COVID-19 by sacrificing one programming language, which one would you choose and why is it PHP?

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Am I the only person who's annoyed that the Wasp-Head Model item in Animal Crossing New Horizons is of a hornet? Vespa mandarinia, specifically; the Asian giant hornet.

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Any reasonably scaled Lego model is more expensive than the original it is trying to imitate.

Ok, after a lot of headache, we're on v3.1.2. upgrade was difficult but everything's patched and working!

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So many Telephant updates recently:

- Image/video viewer
- Reply/boost/like counters
- Search feature
- Support for more panes & lists
- File-picker for uploads
- Performance improvements
- ...and a ton of bugfixes!

On Arch, simply install telephant-git.

Check out the build instructions for Ubuntu or download a static binary for Linux or Windows here:


(Note: the static binary may not support video playback and platform integration on all systems)

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Nintendo when do we get batch crafting plskthx

I'm going to be doing an update on this server in a second, stay tuned. Should be like ~ 5-20 minutes :D

Unfortunately with each update it's difficult to change each "toot" to "bark" but eventually we'll have a language setting to do so~

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Everyone outside is wearing face masks or bandanas and stuff. Not saying you should, but now seems like a great time for some black bloc direct action.

Come join us on our humble discord server for Animal Crossing ! discord.gg/QMwVcu

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