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I'm going to be doing an update on this server in a second, stay tuned. Should be like ~ 5-20 minutes :D

Unfortunately with each update it's difficult to change each "toot" to "bark" but eventually we'll have a language setting to do so~

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Everyone outside is wearing face masks or bandanas and stuff. Not saying you should, but now seems like a great time for some black bloc direct action.

Come join us on our humble discord server for Animal Crossing !

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Bigotry isn't ok just because it's directed at a horrible person. Be careful about who you're hurting in the process


m.2 nvme drive died :[... wiped my laptop and i'm on a fresh install of ubuntu gnome :D

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Well looks like my page isn't federating right so here's the same pixel art again

Oldy but goody, art by Keihound of Kaptain and Osky

Just rebooted my ol' minecraft server This thing is running on my home server.
Ryzen 7 1800x - 6x3tb RAID10, 16gb RAM

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Gonna need to write a conversion tool so that you can actually scan dotcodes and binaries though. Turns out the code VBA has just dumps the decoded dotcode into RAM, which is a huge hack and I hate it.

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Can we please not get rid of straws? They save teeth healthwise and are great for frozen beverages!

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Friendliest FtM instance on mastodon?

Please boost if you have no idea. Looking for a place for friends to join and feel community.

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haven't dove into game development this hard since the early 2000s

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yes hello, I recently purchased some adapters from you and they aren't working, can I speak to a technician

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